Scuba Mew Coron Dive Center

Scuba Mew Coron

Scuba Mew Coron dive center is located in Coron town of Busuanga island in Philippines.

Diving Spot

Dugong dugon

Diving in the north of coron, is a bit different of the south. Especially the Dugong. Dugong dugon is believed to be the prototype of the legendary mermaid, a marine herbivorous mammal. Dugongs are becoming increasingly rare due to hunting and habitat destruction. The IUCN red list of threatened species lists them as vulnerable (VU, 2008). Only in a few places all over the world we can dive with dugongs, here is the one.

Departure from the dive center, approximately 1hr30 we can get to the dugong watching site to do scuba diving, freediving or snorkeling to interact with the amazing creatures.

Kyokuzan Maru Shipwreck

Kyokuzan Maru was a Japanese navy auxiliary supply ship. Early to the U.S. attack in September 1944. The crew left Kyokuzan after the ship caught fire. Then the ship sank. Standing on the seabed, it is quite well preserved. The main reason is that the bombing did not do much damage. Inside the ship, you can see the old transport vehicle, which body has collapsed due to the erosion of sea water, leaving only the chassis and tires.

Kyokuzan is 136 meters long, which is one of the largest shipwrecks around Busuanga island. Due to the good visibility, it looks really spectacular.



PADI Recreational Scuba Diving Courses

Course Location Price Peso Note
PADI Open Water Diver Coron 19,750
PADI Open Water Diver Beijing + Coron 3500 CNY Theory & confined water in Beijing,4 open water dives in 2 days in Coron
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Coron 18,150 5 dives in 2 days
PADI Rescue Diver Coron or Beijing + Coron 20,500
PADI Divemaster Coron,Beijing + Coron - Inquiry the custom service
Wreck Diver Specialty Coron 15,800
Deep Diver Specialty Coron 15,800

Technical Scuba Diving Courses

Course Location Price USD Note
TBC Coron 500 ANDI Total Buoyancy Control
CSU+TSD * Coron 700 Complete SafeAir User + Technical SafeAir Diver. The price does not include diving and tank filling.
TWD * Coron 700 Technical Wreck Diver

Diving Trips

Diving, foat fee, lunch, guide and entrance fee are all included.

Activity Price Peso Note
Dugong Watching Combo 6,625 2 dives at Dugong watching and Dimipac island.
Kyokuzan Japanese Shipwreck Combo 6,075 3 dives. 2 dives at Kyokuzan Shipwreck,1 dive at Rock island.
Diboyoyan Scuba Combo 6,175 3 dives. 2 dives at Diboyoyan,1 dive at Cashew Grove Beach.
Dugong Freediving/Snorkeling Combo 4,875 2 dives at Dugong Watching & Cashew Grove Beach
Rockisland Freediving/Snorkeling Combo 3,825 3 dives,2 dives at Rock island, 1 at Cashew Grove Beach.
Rock island Discovery Scuba Diving Combo 8775 2 dives. Swimming pool + Cashew Grove Beach,Rock island
6 days 5 nights 10 dives Scuba Diving & Accommodation 34,475 Including airport transfer, accommodation, diving, boat fee, lunch on the boat.